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Birth Doula Care: $900 

Payment plans are available!

Services begin at 20 weeks of Pregnancy

Birth Doula Care Includes:

Three prenatal visits, labor support, and two postpartum visits.

Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal Visits

Additional birth partners

(if any) are encouraged to attend


Visit #1: The Birth Plan & Childbirth Education (1.5 hrs)


Visit #2: Birth Positions & Comfort Measures (1.5 hrs)


Visit #3: Prenatal Appointment w/ your Healthcare Provider (1 hr)


Birthing Centre Room

Labor Support

You’re in labor! It’s time to bring that beautiful baby into the world and put all of your prenatal preparation into action! Give me a call when you are ready for me and I will be by your side until after the birth of your new bundle of joy!

Mother and Baby

Postpartum Visits

Postpartum Check-In #1: The Second Week Check-In (1 hr)


Welcome to Parenthood! This visit gives me the opportunity to see how you are adjusting to life as a new parent and offer support.


Postpartum Check-In #2: The Fourth Trimester Check-in

(30 mins via FaceTime, Skype, Phone)


The first three months of Parenthood can be exciting and exhausting. This check-in gives you the space to talk about the various highs and lows. I will provide support resources during this check-in.

Prenatal Visits

Visit #1: The Birth Plan & Childbirth Education (1.5 hrs)

This visit gives you the opportunity to specify what your labor & delivery expectations are. So what better time to start developing your birth plan?! We will also spend some time going over the Anatomy & Physiology of Pregnancy and Childbirth during this visit.


Visit #2: Birth Positions & Comfort Measures (1.5 hrs)

Get ready to move! This visit is all about exploring the various birth positions and comfort measures (ex: massage & counter pressure) that will make you feel at ease during labor & delivery. Please be sure to wear comfortable clothes and drink plenty of water before and after this session.


Visit #3: Prenatal Appointment w/ your Healthcare Provider (1 hr)

That’s right! I’ll be right by your side during one of your prenatal appointments with your provider after 35 weeks. This will give you the opportunity to go over your birth plan with all supporting parties present. How awesome!


This can be substituted with another comfort measures session if desired.


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